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Martin Spacek


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I'm a PhD candidate in neuroscience at UBC, in Nick Swindale's lab. My interest lies in computational neuroscience, and slightly more specifically, the activity of neural assemblies in the brain. I have this notion that what we learn about the rules of neural interaction governing perception, memory, decision making and ultimately behaviour, can be generalized to any complex system of interacting agents. Like, say, human beings making up a society. This might be a naive notion.

At the moment, I have two projects here, spyke and neuropy. The first is for taking raw extracellular neural waveforms and sorting them into spikes from distinct neurons. The second is for analyzing those spike trains in as many ways as possible. Eventually, dimstim, which we use for visual stimulation, will be posted here as well.

Here's my CV.

My thesis will go here too.

Here's my GitHub account page and my lab page.