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Martin Spacek



I’m a recent PhD graduate in neuroscience from Nick Swindale’s lab at UBC. I’m now a postdoc in Laura Busse’s lab at LMU München in Germany, formerly at the University of Tübingen. My interest lies in computational neuroscience, more specifically, the activity of neural assemblies in the brain. I have a notion that what we learn about the rules of neural interaction governing perception, memory, decision making and ultimately behaviour, can be generalized to other complex systems of interacting agents – like, perhaps, human beings making up a society. This might be a naïve notion.

I have three projects here: dimstim, spyke, and neuropy. The first generates multidimensional visual stimuli with high temporal precision. The second takes raw extracellular neural waveforms and sorts them into spikes from distinct neurons. The third analyzes spike trains in as many ways as possible.

Here’s my CV.

Here’s my PhD thesis (June, 2015): Characterizing patches of primary visual cortex with minimal bias

Here’s the resulting manuscript based on one of the chapters: Cortical state and natural movie responses in cat visual cortex

Here’s the corresponding poster, presented most recently at BCCN Sparks 2016.

Here’s my GitHub account page and my former lab page.